Pure​ Aerial Solutions
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  1. Local
    Pure Aerial Solutions is a Saskatchewan company serving Saskatchewan businesses and farmers. Our team has backgrounds in farming and construction and understands the challenges you face.
  2. Drones
    We utilize the latest drone technology to provide you with the images and information you need. These machines are incredibly maneuverable and versatile and offer an incredible array of imaging technologies.
  3. Affordable
    Our goal is to save you money, not gouge your bottom line. Drones can provide value and efficiency to your business without breaking the bank.
See the whole picture!
Pure Aerial Solutions strives to provide you and your operation the information you need at a price you can afford.  Aerial imagery has been an essential tool to industry for years, but due to high costs, it wasn't available to everyone or feasable for every situation.  Bring in the drones!  This rapidly evolving technology is changing all that.  Aerial imagery for everyone! From monitoring progress on large construction sites to checking the health of crops in the field, aerial imaging is a fast and cost effective means of information, and information is crucial in today's world.  Business is getting faster and more competitive all the time,  you need to be ahead of the curve.  Click on an option below to see how we can help your specific industry, or contact us and we would love to discuss your options.
  1. See the whole picture on your construction site! See current progress of your project with site maps or 3D models. Great for reporting to shareholders or promotional materials.
  2. See the whole picture on your farm! Crop scouting like never before. Need NDVI Maps of your fields? How about prescription maps? Thermal imaging for your crops or irrigation system? This is farming with precision!
  3. See the whole picture on insurance claims! Reduce costs & fraudulent claims while boosting productivity and safety of adjusters.
  4. See the whole picture on your equipment and infrastructure! Drone technology improves efficiency, safety and accessibility when inspecting infrastructure and equipment as preventative maintenance.
  5. See the whole picture on, well, anything! Get an outstanding view of anything important to you. Aerial photos of your farm, video's of special events, or anything else you want immortalized in a very special way.
  6. See the whole picture of your environment! Get highly accurate volumetric measurements on aggregates for a fraction of the cost of traditional survey methods. Georeferenced maps of Industrial sites, environment or your farm.
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A farmer doesn’t want a drone; he wants an answer.  A construction site doesn’t want a drone; it wants an answer.

Chris Anderson - CEO 3D Robotics